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July 15, 1808
Wilkesbarre, July 1
Two prisoners have been for some time confined in the gaol in this town on criminal charges. Seward for passing counterfeit money - Dodge for stealing.

When Seward was taken, a lady was his companion. She was secured for a few days, and then, as nothing appeared against her, was liberated, and has since lived in the neighbourhood.

Seward for some time has been so ill as to require the attention of a Physician, and at all times has been treated by Mr. Stewart, who keeps the prison, and his wife with all the humanity his situation could require.

Last week the family, who reside in the prison, were two or three times alarmed for Seward, as he was taken with fainting turns, and appeared as if expiring. On Tuesday last he was so ill that Mr. Stewart left them fire and a candle to light if necessary.

About 12 o'clock at night, Dodge called in the most urgent manner for help, as Seward had fainted and was dying. - Mr. and Mrs, Stewart ran into the prison, with all possible haste, and found Seward gasping for breath, and with the utmost tenderness they endeavored to relieve him, when Dodge seized the stump of a broom, the splinters of which they had burned off for the purpose, and struck Mr. Stewart over the eyes. The dying man sprung from his bed, and the two prisoners, with the most dreadful threats ordered Mr. and Mrs. Stewart to the backside of the prison. - A smart contest ensued and Mrs. Stewart seeing a knife lying upon the floor, which appeared sharpened for the service, and hearing them threaten her husband with death, immediately seized Dodge, and with a heroism that does her the highest credit, dragged him into the street and called for help, and notwithstanding Dodge beat her in a most cruel manner, she retained her hold, constantly hollowing for assistance.

In the mean time the dying man and Mr. Stewart had struggled to the door of the prison, when some of the neighbors arrived, and the fellows were secured. On searching the prison, a saw, file and other tools were found, and two knifes sharpened, with which it is supposed they intended to further their escape if other means failed.

The spirited conduct of Mr. & Mrs. Stewart does them much credit.On examining the habitation of the lady, who had been taken in company with Seward, she was found dressed in all the preparation for a journey - Whether means are taken to secure her I do not know, but certain it is, she ought like other heroines of Romances, to be castled a while.It is understood that seward eloped with her, from her husband; but the good man pursuing them, Seward compromised the matter by exchanging with the tender man, and gave him a horse for his wife. - Which made the better bargain is not certainly known. That the wife has found a lover who knows how to describe his passion, as well as appreciate her worth, may be seen from the following letter from him to her, found in the prison.

Whether the first husband can write as affectionate an epistle to his horse, is a matter much questioned, and it is therefore concluded, that whatever bargain the horse may have made - the woman has done exceedingly well.

"Deare Phebe I Recv'd youre Leter Da'd the 14 of this Month which I Red with Grate Pleasure youre Soncerrity My Love Make My Confinement And Dungen a palis o My Love if you New with what Plesure it is that I Red your's I Kis it a thousan and pres the Hart to My Bosum when I think on the Deare Hand that Rote it My Love Look at My Hart with yours [here was the picture of two hearts united] My Deare Had I wings like a Dove I would Fly to that Deare Bosum of yours and there Spend the Remander of My Days Im Braceing youre Charmes - But Stop My thoughts Here I am Shut up as Lone Sum as the Chambers of Death." (New-Bedford Mercury - Newspaper Article)

$5 Reward - Broke Goal and made escape on 20th inst, Abel HINE (part Indian) about 24 years of age, 5' 9 or 10" high, blue eyes, long black hair, large mouth and nose; had a down look and speaks low - carpenter by trade. James MORGAN, Goaler. (It is supposed he has gone to Tioga Point, as he has a wife living near Mr. WARREN'S tavern between said Point and Newtown.) (24 July 1798)

$50 Reward - Broke out of the Goal of the county of Luzerne, last Night, a certain Prisoner by the name of William LOTHROP, convicted for committing a Rape. He was a well set Man; nearly six Feet high; of a light Complexion, light Hair and dark Eyes, has lost several of his fore Teeth. Whoever will apprehend and secure said Prisoner in any Goal in Pennsylvania, so that I may have him again, shall receive the above reward. Arnold COLT, Sheriff (31 Aug1801)

$50 Reward - Made his escape on the night of the 26th August last, a certain Job IRISH, taken on a case of debt at the suit of Matthias HOLLENBACK. Said IRISH is about five feet, ten or eleven inches high, dark complexion, black hair, had on when he went away a red plush vest a blue coat and blue striped over-alls; took with him a bright bay Stud Horse, taken in execution as the property of IRISH & FRANKLIN. Whoever takes up said IRISH, and secures him in Luzerne County Jail, so the subscriber can have him and horse again, shall receive the above reward with reasonable charges paid by Benj. DORRANCE, Sheriff, Luzerne Co. (3 Sept 1803)

$10 Reward - Broke Jail on the night of the 1st inst., Joshua ADAMS, who was confined for debt. Said ADAMS is about 28 years of age - 5 feet 10 inches high - has short hair and is stout built; had on when he went away a short blue coat, swans-down vest, and leather overalls. Whoever will apprehend said ADAMS and deliver him to the Jail in Luzerne Co., shall be entitled to the above reward with reasonable charges. Eleazer MARBLE, Jailor, Wilkesbarre (5 May 1804)

Four Cent Reward - Broke Jail and made his escape on Monday night the 14th inst., Thomas WIGHTON. Whoever shall return said WIGHTON shall received the above reward, and no charges paid. James WHEELER, Sheriff, Wilkesbarre (1 Nov 1805)

$15 Reward - Broke Jail at Wilkesbarre in the County of Luzerne, on Monday night the 11th inst., Abraham CRONCK, about five feet eleven inches high, and very straight built, dark hair, black eyes, red complexion; had on when in Jail a long blue coat, dark velvet pantaloons and a dark vest. Whoever takes up said CRONCK and delivers him to the Jail of the County aforesaid, shall receive the above reward. James WHEELER, Sheriff. (15 Aug 1806)

Stop Her! $20 Reward! On the evening of the 14th inst., Desire SABIN, female prisoner, confined for adultery, made her escape from the Goal of this County. She is a fine buxom looking woman; about 40 years of age, has lost her fore teeth, her eyes are lively black, fair complexion and her countenance declares that Venus is yet at high meridian. She had no peculiar mark by which to distinguish her from other weak sisters of the household of love. Whoever will stop her, and bring her back to her place of confinement shall receive the above reward. James WHEELER, Sheriff (Jan 16, 1807)

On the night of the 13th of August, Seneca PAGE and James SEYMOUR escaped from the prison in this place, where they had been confined on a charge of passing counterfeit money. These men have several times escaped the just punishment of the law, and not withstanding the charges which our police officers have received to guard them strictly, they left the prison without breaking any locks or bolts. The principal iron door of their prison room we are informed was left unlocked, and the outside door to the hall leading to the felons' apartment was left open, for the purpose we are informed , of letting in fresh air. 200 dollars reward is offered for their apprehension. (16 August 1816)

Ten Dollars Reward. Broke Jail of Luzerne County, on the night of the 15th inst. A runaway Negro slave named George KENDRICD. The said runaway is a mulatto, 25 years old; about 5 feet 8 inches high; thick set; with a conspicuous scar on his right cheek. He had on when he went away a black fur Hat, Coat, Pantaloons and Waistcoat all considerably worn. Any person who will take up said Runaway and deliver him to the Jail in Luzerne County, shall be entitled to the above reward, and all reasonable charges paid by Jonathan BULKELEY, Sheriff & Jailor. July 16. (Aug 12 1825)

Reward for the capture of Cornelius FAGAN, charged with the murder of MC COMBS, who broke jail at Wilkesbarre on 29th October last. $100 reward for any person who shall apprehend the said fugitive within the County of Luzerne, and secure him in the Jail of said county. $200 if the said offender shall be apprehended and secured in the jail of any other jail in the commonwealth. FAGAN is an Irishman, states his age to be 22 years, but from appearance is somewhat older; five feet one inches high, light complexion, brown hair; weak eyes; down look; scar on the face and scar on one hand, one near thumb. Hand on when he made the escape, coarse gray pantaloons, blue vest and white linen round-about, but as there was assistance rendered by persons outside the Jail wall, his clothes probably changed. Given under my hand and the Great Seal of Harrisburg, this seventh day of November, 1837, by the Governor, Joseph RITNER. Thomas H. BURROWS Secretary of the Commonwealth. In addition to the above reward by the Governor, I hereby offer $200 Reward. Thomas MYERS, Sheriff, Luzerne County. 15 Nov. 1837